iOS 14.5 Reportedly Arrives Next Week: Reasons You Should Wait to Update

iOS 14.5 Reportedly Arrives Next Week: Reasons You Should Wait to Update

Apple has finally released iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5, after a long beta period. According to The New York Times, the patches will be available on Monday, and although we don’t have a precise time, we do know that the OS will include a number of new features, including new Siri voices and a fancy new Face ID feature that allows you to use your iPhone while wearing a face mask.

Although it may be tempting to upgrade your iPhone or iPad to the new Apple apps, being an early adopter of something, even official OS updates, will result in more problems and headaches than it’s worth. It could be smarter to wait a few days before upgrading to iOS 14.5 rather than jumping on the bandwagon right away.

The two key reasons why you should hold off on pressing the update button on your iPhone or iPad are outlined below. If you don’t want to wait, make sure you have a current backup of your Apple computer until installing iOS 14.5 or iPadOS 14.5 when it becomes available.

Not all developer will be ready

Apps that aren’t optimized for the upgrade are the most common problem with any new software update. Apple makes improvements to the iPhone or iPad’s underlying code that developers must adapt to, and most of the time, if the developer spends some extra time making sure all of his or her changes function, there aren’t any issues.

iOS 14.5 Reportedly Arrives Next Week: Reasons You Should Wait to Update

However, this is just a general concept. There are occasions when OS updates completely destroy an app, and you could be stuck waiting unless the developer has an iOS 14.5 optimized apps ready to go.

You can reduce the chances of problems by giving developers a few days to push out their respective updates.

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There might be a disastrous bug

It doesn’t happen much, however, there have been a few iOS patches that have effectively destroyed iPhones and iPads for those who installed them as soon as they were available.In 2016, Apple’s iPad Pro was bricked for some users after an update. The same year, another update rendered some repaired iPhones useless. It’s not easy to go back to iOS 14.5 after you’ve updated.

After the update is available, wait a few days, if not a week, before installing it. That way, any first-or second-day problems would have had time to surface, causing Apple to either uninstall the update and replace it with a patched version or release a second update with bug fixes.

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Where Can I Get Used Business Mobile Phones?

Where Can I Get Used Business Mobile Phones?

Many businesses now provide employees with mobile phones as standard practice. A company mobile is an essential piece of work equipment for staff working in the field who need to stay in touch with clients and colleagues, for remote and home workers taking advantage of flexible modern working practices, and for staff who are on call after hours.

However, just because you need to provide mobile phones to your employees does not mean you have to pay exorbitant prices for brand new devices. Used business phones are a cost-effective and versatile option.

Here are some of the most important advantages.

Spend less money

The obvious advantage of used mobile phones for business is that they are less expensive than brand new handsets. When it comes to reconditioned and Grade A devices in physical and working condition that rivals an out-of-the-box new phone, you’re typically looking at a 33 percent savings compared to RRPs. Anywhere you can cut CAPEX costs by a third without sacrificing quality or performance is worth considering.

Purchase better equipment

Another way to look at the better value offered by used phones is that it allows you to invest in higher-quality models for the same price you would have been willing to pay for new handsets. If your budget has always limited you to mid-range models but not higher, the used market allows you to upgrade to premium. Top-tier smartphones will enable your employees to get more out of their devices while also providing them with the sense that they have been rewarded with a high-performance device.

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Choose the best value provider

Many of the options available to business users, like when purchasing a mobile phone for personal use, are device-plus-network contract bundles that bind you to a specific operator for a set period of time. By purchasing used phones, you free yourself from these long-term commitments and gain the freedom to choose whichever service provides the best value. Pre-owned phones are sold unlocked, allowing you to choose from SIM-only deals and switch providers on shorter cycles if desired.

used business phones

Reduce replacement cycle times

Just as used phones give you more flexibility in changing providers, you can also consider changing or upgrading the handsets themselves on a more regular basis without worrying about whether you’ve gotten your money’s worth. The lower the cost of an asset, such as a fleet of smartphones, the faster you will see a satisfactory return on your investment in terms of amount of use, etc. This is especially important to know if you know your devices will be subjected to heavy use in the field and the risk of wear and damage is high.

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Make a contribution to your sustainability policy

Finally, one reason the used phone for business market has grown so rapidly in recent years despite not always receiving the attention it deserves is that purchasing pre-owned devices is much more environmentally friendly than purchasing new devices. The mobile industry’s obsession with rapid new release cycles and heavily marketing new device purchases has proven to be highly wasteful, resulting in millions of perfectly good handsets being traded in. Choosing used mobile phones over new means you are helping to reduce waste and ensuring that more handsets are used for their full operational lifespans.

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Where can I get used business phones?

JNA Dealer is a wholesaler of used mobile phones; these can be a selection of what we have in stock, ranging from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone XS Max, in grades A to C, and on the marginal or standard VAT scheme. When you buy used devices from JNA, you also get our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which means you can buy with confidence.

If you are looking to upgrade your mobile fleet or are considering used devices for your existing customers, please contact our team at  (844) 377-8487

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