Basic things that you need to do in order to speed up your Smart Phone

ways to speedup smartphone

All gadgets will slow down after a few years of being used. This is specifically true when it comes to smartphones. There are some smart phones that will slow down only after a couple of months and some take years. There are many reasons why our phone starts lagging. You will notice that your phone is slower as time goes by compared to when you first got it. Sometimes it is better to upgrade it.

Common reasons

– Slow data connection
– Out of date software and applications
– Power consuming apps
– Low storage

How to speed it up

There are several ways to speed up a slow phone, including everything from rebooting, upgrading the operating system, discharging files, and resetting to factory settings. All kinds of other problems can be solved by many of the solutions too.

1. Check the strength of your data connection: There are times that our phone will feel slow but in reality, it is our connection that is slow not our device. If you think it is your data connection, you can restart your wifi or mobile data. You can try to switch to a different connection or move to a different location.

2. Reboot your device: Since we bought our phone some of us don’t really restart or turn off our devices. It might help to restart your phone once in a while to refresh your hardware and software to speed up your phone.

3. Update your software: Whether you have an android or IOS device it is better to have an updated version of your software to avoid any laggy experience. If one is available go ahead and update it.

4. Uninstall unnecessary Apps: If you have a lot of applications and let’s be honest some of them are just displayed, it might help to unload the apps you are not using to clear up space or bandwidth.

5. Check Application Update: For the apps that you use, you also need to make sure they are up to date. As most of the application updates contain bug fixes which will help with the performance.

6. Free some space: If you have a lot of data and files on your phone it will eat up your storage and will cause your phone to slow down. So, take advantage of the free cloud storage whether you have android or IOS.

7. Clearing Cache: From time to time the data your phone saves to make things faster can actually slow down. So make it a habit to clear your cache storage.

8.Reset it to factor settings. If nothing else works, try a factory reset. However, make sure that you back up your data first

9. Get a technician: For an android, try to contact your carrier or manufacturer and for IOS devices you can schedule an appointment with Genius bar. If you already tried a factory reset and it is still slow you need to go out and get some help.

10. Get a new device: If after doing all the steps and getting help from a technician it is probably the best time to get a new model. Android users can consult an expert on which phone to get or which one will suit you. And, for Apple users, you can sign up for the iPhone upgrade program or check if they’re eligible for an upgrade.