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iPhone Wi-Fi password sharing

iPhone Wi-Fi password sharing should be done safely and carefully. Here’s how!

When you have visitors, they could wish to share the Wi-Fi password so that they can save money on mobile data while browsing safely on your secure home Wi-Fi network.

However, code sharing should be considered with caution and discretion. For safety purposes, you may not want to share your password for certain situations. In some instances, it’s because connecting is difficult due to the password’s length and complexity.
You can share the Wi-Fi password without necessarily revealing it if you have two iOS computers, one connected to the internet while the other waiting to connect. To put it in other words, you can use your iPhone to enable other people to access through your private wireless system without having to enter the password.

How to share Wi-Fi on iPhones

Is it possible to share your Wi-Fi password from one iPhone to another? Yes, indeed! To begin, make sure both iPhones are running the most latest version of the software. Make sure you’re running iOS 11 or later to take advantage of the Wi-Fi password-sharing functionality. Both devices must also have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth switched on.

You’ll also have to add your Apple ID as well as the Apple ID of the iPhone you’re connected to. You won’t have problems if they both use the same Apple ID. If you want to share the password with a friend’s iPhone, you must first add each other’s Apple ID to your contacts list.
Get your iPhone and the other device for which you want to share the Wi-Fi password once that’s done. If the devices are similar to each other, you’ll have an easier time communicating and a better connection, just as with Bluetooth.

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Follow the appropriate steps on the receiving device:

1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
2. Select “ Wi-Fi”
3. Select “Choose A Network” then choose the Wi-Fi network to which you want to connect.

The host computer must now share access. Follow these steps on your iPhone:

4. An warning should appear, asking if you want to Share Your Wi-Fi.
5. To send a password, press the Send Password button.

The requesting device can share access to both the Wi-Fi network to your phone.
You should be able to tap Done after the password has been successfully exchanged.

iPhone Wi-Fi password sharing FAQs

Can you share your Wi-Fi password from iPhone to iPad?

When you’re using an iPhone and an iPad, you can connect your Wi-Fi password using the same steps as before, but there’s no way to share your real iPhone password with the iPad tablet.

Can you share your Wi-Fi password from iPhone to Android?

Yeah, indeed. You’ll have to take various precautions because Android devices don’t run mostly on the iOS operating system. To begin, you’ll have to get a QR code generator for your iPhone. A software like Visual Codes or Qrafter would suffice.

You’ll be able to generate a QR code for your home Wi-Fi password as soon as you open the app. Simply open the QR code on your iPhone and check it with the Android device when you want to give the password to an Android device. You can use your camera or a QR scanner software to check it. On Android, a message may appear to confirm the network connection

Can you share your Wi-Fi password from Macbook to iPhone?

Yeah, indeed. Since Macbooks and iPhones are Apple products, their software is more integrated. This makes file transfers, data backups, and Wi-Fi password sharing a breeze.

Connect your Macbook to the Wi-Fi network and position it near your iPhone. Pick the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to on your iPhone (it should be the same network the Macbook is connected to). A pop-up message should appear on your Mac, requesting access to the Wi-Fi password. To give access to the iPhone, press Share.
It’s important to remember that you’ll need macOS High Sierra or a later version to do this.
What if the above steps don’t work?
If any of the measures above are causing you trouble, try the following troubleshooting tips:

Ensure that your iOS is up to date. Look for any available software updates in Settings > General.
Check to see if you have each other’s Apple ID saved. The iOS connections will not work if it is not in your contacts list.

Restart your computers and other equipment. This includes iPhones, iPods, MacBook, and Android phones and tablets.

Wi-Fi can be switched on and off. To reset your device’s connection, you can simply need to disconnect and reconnect.
Your Wi-Fi network should be restarted. Before plugging your router and modem back in, unplug them for at least 60 seconds. Place the devices close together. Place the devices next to each other if necessary to ensure a continuous connection.

foldable iPhones

The Foldable iPhone: Price, Release Date, Rumors, Specs, and more

Apple could create an iPhone Flip by combining an iPhone and an iPad. Right now, it’s only a rumor, but the possibility of an Apple foldable phone is gaining traction; only don’t anticipate one this year…or even in 2022.

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When it will be released?

The iPhone 13/12S is already known to be Apple’s next handset. Who knows what’s in store for 2022, but Omdia expects a 2023 unveiling of the foldable iPhone.

An iPad that folds is one concept for a versatile Apple computer. While that could certainly become its own product in the future, it’s also likely that the reports are about an iPhone/iPad hybrid, probably dubbed iPhone Flip.

Despite the lack of official information from Apple, the company has clearly been involved in some kind of folding system for several years. This is supported by patents filed in 2011, 2014, June 2016, August 2016, and 2018. Of course, this also demonstrates that, despite widespread interest, they have yet to bring a foldable computer to market for whatever purpose.

Such documents include a variety of styles, some of which are wildly different from the others (including a way to fold the device multiple ways). This may apply to something entirely different, such as an e-reader or tablet, but it does give us a clue as to what we can expect from this iPhone.

Another patent for a computer with a wraparound display was filed in 2019:

The versatile display assembly is designed in the specified embodiment to present visual content on any portion of the transparent housing.
Is it possible to incorporate it into a foldable phone? We’re excited to see how/if they put these technologies to use.

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What would be the price?

It will not be affordable. Phones are rapidly reaching or surpassing $1,000 in price. Take a peek at Apple’s most expensive iPhone, the 12 Pro Max, which costs just over a grand.

What happens if a second screen is connected? The price could rise to $2,000 if the Galaxy Fold is any indication. Apple isn’t required to follow suit, particularly if they want to dominate dual-screen sales. Apple, after all, isn’t a cheap brand.

They could go for a clean iPhone+iPad mini price of $1,400 by simply putting the two together. However, given how new this would be for Apple, they will raise the price to get it closer to the $2k mark. Unless, of course, they settle for less-expensive hardware or less features than just two (or three) displays.

However, if they choose a clamshell design with a split screen, we might be looking at a far more affordable phone (but still more pricey than your typical iPhone).

Pre-order Information

It’s far too early to speculate on a pre-order date, but we’ll keep you informed as the release date approaches.

Its Features

We’ve had more screen real estate for stuff like reading, watching movies, playing sports, and multitasking as phones have gotten bigger. That’s where a foldable phone comes in handy.

Apple, on the other hand, is a pioneer. Maybe they will come up with a better version than the others. Perhaps there won’t be a conspicuous crease where the screens fold over each other in the centre. Alternatively, if it has a third screen when folded, the refresh rate will be high enough that it will blend in with the other displays.

The iPhone’s operating system, iOS, could and should be updated to accommodate multiple displays. Expect it to work similarly to a standard iPhone with a single screen. Too much transition will drive away loyal customers. Apps must also accommodate multiple screens in order to look good on a dual-screen iPhone; otherwise, the larger phone is pointless.

Given that a larger phone might resemble a tablet, the Apple Pencil is a natural fit. The most recent update is only compatible with a limited number of iPads, but expect a new version for the foldable iPhone (unless it’s more of a flip phone than a tablet).

When it comes down to it, a foldable phone is advantageous solely because of its larger display. Since this is Apple’s first attempt at a phone like this, it’ll most likely be the only significant update to the iPhone that year. That is, there will be no beautiful new camera, no huge storage space increase, and so on.

Hardware and Specs

So, how does the iPhone Flip function? It’s anyone’s guess, so here are several possibilities: one wide, foldable screen, like the Galaxy Fold; two separate screens, like the Surface Duo, that fold over a purposefully visible hinge; or three screens, including two standard screens and a third that is used when the display is folded.

However, based on subsequent leaks and speculation, it appears that we might see a clamshell design. From afar, the iPhone Flip would appear to be a regular phone, but it would fold vertically, similar to old-style flip phones, which could have a small screen on the outside. It’s possible that it’ll be close to the Galaxy Z Flip.

If two full-size displays are used instead to make it look like a notebook when unfolded, it’s unclear if it would open backwards on itself like the Duo. If it does, we can only hope that it will enable us to run an app on both screens at the same time. Perhaps you could watch the same video on both screens with someone sitting across from you, or you could run two different apps for local gaming.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that a screen as wide as 8 inches could be seen. The iPhone, according to Omdia, will be OLED and have a screen size of 7.3–7.6 inches (the larger size would make it the same as the Galaxy Z Fold 2). The iPhone 12 Pro Max is 6.7 inches thick and the iPad mini is 7.9 inches thick, making it a true phone-tablet hybrid; a foldable phablet-style smartphone.

Apple’s devices come in a variety of colors, including Space Gray, Silver, and Gold. Graphite, Green, Product Red, and Pacific Blue are likely to be available for the iPhone Flip, as well as those that are supported by other iPhones.

For quicker data transfers over mobile connections, the new iPhone supports 5G. Most new phones these days come with built-in 5G support, so the foldable iPhone should be no different.

It will be necessary to strengthen items like the battery, computing power, and RAM in order to support multiple displays that can all multitask independently. The current iPhone lineup’s storage capacity does not change.