What Home Automation Technology is Integrated with Frontpoint?

frontpoint home automation

Frontpoint home automation: Frontpoint acts more like a marketplace for third-party products, unlike certain rivals who make all the equipment in their home protection systems, which can be installed to create a complete system. As long as they are compliant with Alarm.com, add-on devices can function. The $189.99 SkyBell video doorbell, for example, can be bought directly from Frontpoint (or from other vendors) and incorporated and operated directly using Frontpoint equipment.

One benefit of this strategy is that you can combine Frontpoint’s equipment with other programs and, after completing your contract with Frontpoint, you can opt to move to another monitoring service.

Z-Wave, the low-power radio communication protocol used to build a local network linking multiple home automation devices, is supported by Frontpoint. It does not, however, support Zigbee, a related Z-Wave-like networking protocol. Frontpoint does not support scripting for web-based automation that allows you to construct event sequences, such as turning on a light when detecting motion.

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Does it work with smart locks?

For $179.99, Frontpoint provides a new Frontpoint Smart Door Lock. The door lock contains a keyboard with a touch screen and has a built-in Z-Wave Plus that can be integrated with the Frontpoint Protection System

Does it combine Frontpoint with my thermostat?
Frontpoint don’t have thermostats on their package, but there are many compatible devices.

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How does the alarm system and Frontpoint home automation work?

A wall-mounted or tabletop controller that acts as your primary interface comes with all Frontpoint systems. You can arm and disarm the system from the panel, check the weather, display the status of the sensor, and control devices like door locks, lights, and thermostats for home automation. You can also access the configuration menu, where you can run system tests, add new devices, change the name of the sensor, add users, and configure the panel to be a picture frame while idle. Only the higher-priced control panel with a touch-screen allows you to display pictures.

You can also monitor the Frontpoint device by logging in to your web-based dashboard or by using the mobile app, which has restricted home automation controls.

Tap the Status icon and select Arm Stay or Arm Away to arm the machine. The Alerts tab brings you to a screen where you can allow push notifications and add notification rules, such as sending alerts when the main door is held unlocked for a period of time.

A master four-digit code is given by Frontpoint to be used when your alarm is activated or when you chat about your account with Frontpoint. To assess the situation, the monitoring team calls you as warnings come in. Before the alarm is canceled, you’ll be asked to include your passcode.

For individual users, you can grant several user codes and special access privileges. The Interactive and Ultimate monitoring plans from Frontpoint allow crash-and-smash security so that the monitoring team sends assistance when the control panel is broken.

Frontpoint home automation