A Successful Guide How To Market a Franchise

A Successful Guide How To Market a Franchise

March 12, 2022

How to market a franchise using social media? Well, You are in the right place, continue reading. Social Media is an amazing and helpful way of marketing any franchise or any kind of business, we can’t deny it. Even if your franchisor is doing social media marketing, having your own social media accounts for your franchise can do more sales and exposure.

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Social Media: How to Market a Franchise

Know Franchisor’s Policies
Your franchisor can have social media rules about what you can and can’t do, so check before you invest a tremendous amount of energy in it. In order to avoid misunderstanding with other accounts, they can enable you to use a certain naming system for your profiles. Or they can limit the kinds of stuff on your profiles that you can share.

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Setup Profiles
No need to register for many different social media accounts; instead, pick where you believe your customers spend more time browsing. If you are running a franchise for telecommunication, it could be Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. LinkedIn is best if you have a business services agency.

If the franchisor has no limitation on what you need to do to name your companies, make sure that the name shows which franchise is affiliated with the account. For instance, you might build the Twitter handle @jnaauthorizedreseller if you’re the only JNA Authorized Reseller in Miami, Florida. If you’re one of many JNA authorized resellers, your Facebook page could be named JNA Authorized Resseller-Miami. You want it to be perfectly obvious where you’re running so that people are going to visit your store and not another one.

For the picture, you can use your business logo, or something personalized to display your location.

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What To Share About?
There are many types of shares on social media that people online would receive a positive response. Look for a mixture of them so that you don’t just post ads instead share something useful and informative. There are a couple of suggestions here: 

Share promotion 
Link to your posts on your blog 
Link to articles of interest to your customers
Product pictures, personnel, and events 
Updates on participation from the community

Get More Followers
The more individuals who follow your social profiles, the more individuals might theoretically come to your location to spend money. You can follow individuals on Twitter that suit your demographic. It’s about people finding your profile on other social media and liking it. Make sure you have connections on your website to your social profiles, as well as signs in your store promoting people to communicate online with you. 

For consumers in your store who like or post your profiles online, you can give a special discount. That’s a great motivator to get them to interact online with you!

Keep Them Updated
It will take time to handle your social media account. Do it yourself if you have the opportunity, or else appoint it to one of your staff. The secret is consistency: you want to share relevant content on an ongoing basis and communicate with potential people who are looking for your services or products.

There you have it,

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