Taking Refurbished Phones into Consideration? Here’s What You Need to Learn

Taking Refurbished Phones into Consideration? Here’s What You Need to Learn

November 5, 2020

Usually, refurbished phones are a fraction of the price of brand new devices, and they usually have the same longevity and features.

With new phone costs regularly hitting the highest mark, as a cheaper option, many individuals are looking at refurbished phones. One in five phones sold was used in the past two years, according to Counterpoint, a share that is only increasing as we upgrade our phones less frequently.

Savings are typically large, too. You can purchase a refurbished iPhone XS Max for $570 right now. When it debuted, it cost $1,099 for a new XS Max.

And while it might seem like a risky proposition to purchase a used phone, most people have a better experience. 82 percent said that they were “highly satisfied” with their order, according to Consumer Reports. Furthermore, 67% said they had no problems at all.

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Refurbished Phones

What are Refurbished phones?

Refurbished phones are used phones which has been reset and, if possible, restored to factory settings. ‘Refurbished’ means different things to different retailers, but in general, before they are resold to customers, most are put through an extensive testing process.

We at JNA as a wholesale phone producer, we inspect and use data erasure software for the refurbishing process, the most important components to test are batteries, cameras, microphones, touch screens, and buttons.

We’re going to test the screen in various sectors to make sure it’s clear in each area. We’re going to run the battery at full speed to see how long it takes to shrink. We grade each handset, which tells you what is the phone’s state. No matter what, the internal system will operate perfectly, but devices with A grades will look closer to brand new, while C grades are likely to have some scratches or any damage.

Where to purchase refurbished smartphones?

The U.S. has hundreds of online shops selling refurbished smartphones. To be secured and safe, purchasing directly from a reliable and trusted wholesale supplier is your best option. As a refurbished and brand new phone supplier, we make sure that the battery, and it all comes with the same accessories, cables, and packaging you would get with a new handset.

We only sell inspected and tested smartphones to function and look like brand new.

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