How and Where’s the Best Place To Sell an iPhone?

sell an iPhone

You may be wondering what to do with an old iPhone with the iPhone 12 being released. You may offer it to a member of your friend or family, recycle it with Apple, or sell/trade it. However, selling an old iPhone to help pay for the new one can help you get some or most of it! Here’s everything you need to know where and how to sell an iPhone.

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When am I going to sell?

Trying to sell an iPhone isn’t quite like trading shares, but you want to sell when prices are high. There is one big comparison. That’s usually right before the next model is revealed. After that, someone else is trying to sell the latest models or switch interest, and rates are beginning to go low.

Although during September of the year, Apple usually showed off new flagship iPhones and launched them at the end of the third or fourth week, each year, they held back the launch of new iPhones. In early October, you might be better off selling an iPhone.

It’s much less easy, but if you have a spare phone sitting around, perhaps an old one, if you sell it before the unveiling, you can make more for iPhone than if you try to sell it afterward, particularly after launch. And if for a couple of weeks you use a cheap pre-paid phone, you can flip an iPhone for more than you’ll be able to.

Ways to Sell iPhone

As for how to sell the iPhone, there are many different choices. Usually, the less work you want to do on your own, the smaller the final amount you will get for it. So, it’ll be fast and simple to trade in or use a service, just cost you less. It will take more time to sell directly and on your own, but it will net you more money. Find out what’s more important to you, money or time, and then you’ll understand what to do.

Swappa is a way for your old iPhone to get more money than traditional providers offer, but in a way that is faster and more civilized than a direct sale. You need to have reasonable standards and some patience.

Apple Trade-In program
When you go to buy a new one or get an Apple Store gift card at any time, Apple will encourage you to trade-in your old iPhone by mailing your old phone. The in-store service is run by Apple, but when you come in, you have to be ready to purchase your new iPhone, so you can’t make advance use of it. A partner, Brightstar, manages the mail-in service, so you can make use of it at any moment.

Thanks to active ads, Gazelle is well established. The company’s website also runs efficiently and is easy to use. Tell them what you’ve got and they’re going to tell you what they’re going to give you for it. You’ll have 30 days to send in your old phone if you accept the offer. When it arrives, Gazelle will search for your old phone. They’ll let you know if there’s anything new, and give you an updated bid. They’ll ship it straight back to you free of charge if you decline. They’ll pay you by check, Amazon, or PayPal if it all looks fine, or if you approve an updated offer.

Gazelle is a safe way to lock in a price until the market is saturated because of the 30 days, Just make sure that the situation does not change between when you receive the offer and when you send it in, otherwise it will also change the price.

Amazon Trade-In Store
Amazon will take trade-ins as well, but, frankly, their process is strange. They present a disorganized list of options instead of letting you easily choose a model, capability, and other information. There doesn’t seem to be any way of incorporating it if what you have isn’t there.