Monitor Your Property Day and Night with SimpliSafe’s Outdoor Camera

Monitor Your Property Day and Night with SimpliSafe’s Outdoor Camera March 1, 2024

SimpliSafe is one of the leading providers of smart home security systems. Founded in 2006, the company aims to provide affordable and easy-to-use security solutions for the average homeowner. SimpliSafe's outdoor cameras are a crucial part of any home security setup. They allow you to monitor your property's exterior and ...

SimpliSafe is one of the leading providers of smart home security systems. Founded in 2006, the company aims to provide affordable and easy-to-use security solutions for the average homeowner. SimpliSafe’s outdoor cameras are a crucial part of any home security setup. They allow you to monitor your property’s exterior and detect any intruders or unusual activity. Outdoor cameras need to withstand the elements, so look for models with weather resistance and night vision capability.

SimpliSafe offers several outdoor camera options as part of its security system lineup. The SimpliCam, SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro, and SimpliSafe Wireless Outdoor Security Camera can all be added to your system to enhance outside monitoring. These cameras are wireless, with simple installation and flexible placement. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at SimpliSafe’s outdoor camera models, features, and more.

Benefits of SimpliSafe Outdoor Cameras

SimpliSafe’s outdoor security cameras provide a number of useful benefits for monitoring your home’s exterior and property.

  • Wireless and easy to install: SimpliSafe’s outdoor cameras are 100% wire-free and easy to install. There’s no wiring or drilling required. Just mount the camera where you want it, connect to WiFi, and you’re set.
  • Weatherproof: The outdoor cameras are designed to withstand the elements, with an IP65 weatherproof rating. They can operate in temperatures from -4°F to 113°F.
  • Long battery life: The wireless outdoor cameras are powered by replaceable lithium batteries that last up to 3 years. There’s no need for electrical outlets or recharging.
  • Night vision: With infrared night vision, the outdoor cameras provide clear video 24/7, even in total darkness up to 25 feet away.
  • Mobile alerts: Get instant mobile notifications and live video streaming when the outdoor cameras detect motion or people on your property. Customizable motion detection zones let you focus on the areas that matter most.


SimpliSafe’s outdoor cameras excel at security monitoring with robust features like:

  • Motion Detection – The camera’s sensors can detect motion up to 30 feet away. You can customize motion sensitivity and set motion zones so you only get alerts that matter.
  • Two-Way Audio – The built-in microphone and speaker allow you to listen in and talk to visitors right from your phone. The speaker volume can reach up to 90dB.
  • Wide Field of View – With a 110° field of view diagonally, the camera provides extensive coverage of your property without any blindspots.
  • HD Video Quality – Capture clear details in 1080p HD video (1080p when plugged in, 720p on battery power). The 8x digital zoom lets you get a closer look during live views or recorded clips.
  • Night Vision – Infrared night vision provides up to 25 ft of visibility even in complete darkness. The Starlight Sensor captures vivid color images at night.
  • Weather Resistance – With an IP65 weather resistance rating, SimpliSafe’s outdoor cameras are designed to withstand rain, snow, heat, cold, and dust.
  • Smart Alerts – Get alerted whenever the camera detects people, vehicles, animals, or other motion events. Customize alerts so you only get notified when it matters.
  • Wireless Connectivity – Connects to WiFi with a range up to 300 ft. No hub required.


SimpliSafe outdoor cameras are easy to install and set up. Here are some key steps for getting your outdoor camera running:

Mounting Options and Accessories

SimpliSafe offers several mounting options for outdoor cameras:

  • Wall Mount: The included wall mount bracket allows you to mount the camera on any outdoor wall. Make sure the location you choose has access to power.
  • Outdoor Power Adapter: This adapter connects your SimpliSafe camera to an outdoor outlet for continuous power.
  • Solar Panel: For locations without outdoor outlets, SimpliSafe offers solar panels to power the outdoor cameras. The solar panel connects to the camera and provides renewable energy from the sun.
  • Corner Mount: This mount allows you to place the outdoor camera in a corner for a wider field of view.

Connecting to WiFi

SimpliSafe outdoor cameras connect to your home’s WiFi network to enable remote viewing. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the SimpliSafe app and create an account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Power on the outdoor camera and press the sync button. The camera will flash white when it’s ready to sync.
  3. In the SimpliSafe app, select Add Device and follow the on-screen instructions to connect the camera to WiFi.
  4. Position the camera in the desired mounting location and it will connect to the WiFi network.

Placement Tips

Consider these tips when positioning your SimpliSafe outdoor camera:

  • Place the camera at least 8 feet off the ground with an unobstructed view of the area you want to monitor.
  • Avoid pointing the camera directly into sunlight, which can cause glare and poor video quality.
  • For driveways or entryways, angle the camera to capture visitors’ faces as they arrive at your home.
  • Pointing the camera at an area with lots of foliage or tree coverage can result in false motion alerts when the trees blow.
  • Test camera positioning and make adjustments in the app until you have the optimal angle for security monitoring.

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App Features

SimpliSafe’s outdoor cameras integrate with the SimpliSafe app for iOS and Android devices. The app provides several useful features:

Live View and Playback

The SimpliSafe app allows you to view your outdoor camera’s live feed at any time. You can pan, tilt and zoom the view for full coverage. The live view is in high-definition for sharp image quality.

The app also stores recorded video clips from motion events and allows you to play them back. You can scrub through the timeline to find relevant footage. Playback is available for up to 30 days depending on your subscription plan.

Customizable Motion Zones

Through the app, you can set up custom motion zones for your outdoor cameras. Motion zones allow you to specify the areas you want the camera to monitor and send alerts for. You can define multiple zones and customize their size and position. This helps reduce false alerts.

Alert Settings

The app has adjustable alert settings for your outdoor cameras. You can set motion sensitivity to account for things like trees blowing. Alert schedules let you define active monitoring times and quiet times.

You can choose to receive instant push notifications when the camera detects activity. Alerts can also be sent via email and text message. Customized alert messages can be created.

Video Storage and Monitoring Plans

SimpliSafe offers both free and paid video storage and monitoring options.

Free Plan

The free plan includes limited cloud storage for video clips. This plan allows you to self-monitor your SimpliSafe system through the mobile app and get alerts when the outdoor camera detects activity. With the free plan, you can view live streams from the outdoor camera and download video clips that were captured when motion was detected.

The amount of cloud storage offered on the free plan is limited, so video clips are automatically deleted after a certain period to make space for new clips. The length of time clips are stored depends on how frequently the camera is recording activity.

Paid Subscription Plans

For more robust storage and monitoring capabilities, SimpliSafe has paid subscription plans. The pricing varies based on features included.

Some key options with paid plans include:

  • More cloud storage for video clips – Depending on the plan, you may get 30 days of storage or unlimited storage. This ensures you can look back on a month’s worth of footage or never lose any captured clips.
  • Professional monitoring – Paid plans give you access to professional monitoring services. When your outdoor camera detects activity, professionals will receive the alert and can take action by contacting emergency services if needed.
  • Smart detection filters – Paid subscribers can set filters to reduce unnecessary alerts. For example, you can set the camera to ignore motion caused by small animals or passing cars. This helps cut down on false alarms.

Self-Monitoring vs Professional Monitoring

The main advantage of professional monitoring is having trained specialists keeping an eye on your home 24/7 and contacting authorities in the event of a break-in or emergency. However, self-monitoring gives you more control and the ability to check on your home yourself anytime through the mobile app.

With outdoor cameras, self-monitoring may be sufficient for many homeowners who just want to peek in occasionally. But for high-risk areas or camera systems protecting valuables, professional monitoring adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind.


SimpliSafe outdoor security cameras stand out from competitors like Arlo, Ring, and others in a few key ways:


  • High-resolution video footage up to 1080p provides crisp, clear video day and night. This beats out Arlo’s 720p cameras.
  • No required subscription for basic features like live streaming, motion alerts, siren alarm, and more. Subscription is only needed for advanced features like saved video clips. Ring and Arlo require paid plans for core functions.
  • Aesthetically pleasing, low profile design that blends into home exterior and landscaping. The Arlo cameras stick out.
  • Weatherproof construction rated for extreme temperatures, rain, snow, dust, etc. Built to withstand the elements.
  • Integration with SimpliSafe ecosystem allows for seamless operation with SimpliSafe alarm system and entry sensors.
  • Easy wireless installation. No wiring required.


  • Lacks free cloud storage offered by competitors. Need to pay for SimpliSafe plans to store and access video clips.
  • Fewer advanced smart home integrations compared to Ring and Arlo.
  • Smaller selection of accessories and mounts than competitors.
  • Basic motion detection isn’t as sophisticated as Arlo’s AI detection.

Overall, SimpliSafe outdoor cameras provide excellent video quality, an aesthetically pleasing durable design, easy installation, and integrate well with SimpliSafe’s security ecosystem. The main tradeoff is lack of free cloud storage. For homeowners already using SimpliSafe, the outdoor cameras are a great addition with minimal cons.

Models Available

SimpliSafe offers two main outdoor camera models:

Wireless Outdoor Camera

The standard SimpliSafe Wireless Outdoor Camera is designed for easy installation and use. Key features include:

  • Wireless connectivity – No wiring required
  • 1080p HD video
  • Night vision up to 15 feet
  • Weatherproof design for outdoor use
  • Mobile app viewing and controls
  • Motion activated alerts
  • Battery powered or plug-in options

This affordable model is a great option for general home security and monitoring outdoor areas like driveways, porches, and backyards.

Outdoor Camera Pro

The SimpliSafe Outdoor Camera Pro includes upgraded features for expanded coverage:

  • 1080p HD video with a wider 160° field of view
  • 25 feet of night vision
  • Weatherproof design tested to withstand extreme temperatures
  • Wired or wireless installation
  • Smart motion detection with AI to reduce false alerts
  • Mobile app viewing with unlimited camera streaming
  • Built-in spotlight and siren to deter intruders

The Pro model provides enhanced video quality, motion detection, and deterrence features to secure large outdoor areas. It comes at a higher price point than the standard model.

The key differences are the Pro’s wider field of view, longer night vision range, smart motion detection to reduce false alerts, built-in siren/spotlight, and unlimited live streaming. The Pro model is better suited for large areas and harsh weather, while the standard model provides an affordable outdoor security solution.


SimpliSafe’s outdoor cameras offer many benefits for home security and monitoring. For homeowners who want wireless security cameras that are easy to install, provide clear video quality, and integrate seamlessly with a security system, SimpliSafe is an excellent choice.

Key benefits of SimpliSafe outdoor cameras include:

  • Wireless, so no wiring needed for installation
  • Weatherproof construction to withstand outdoor conditions
  • High resolution video with HD and night vision capabilities
  • Motion activated alerts and notifications
  • Integration with SimpliSafe’s app and security system

SimpliSafe is ideal for those who want a DIY wireless security camera system. The cameras are designed to be installed by homeowners without professional help. Setup only takes a few minutes. SimpliSafe also has affordable monitoring plans to store video recordings in the cloud.

Overall, SimpliSafe’s outdoor cameras provide an easy-to-use yet powerful outdoor security solution. For homeowners looking for wireless HD cameras to integrate with a security system, SimpliSafe is a top choice that’s both flexible and budget-friendly.

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