5 Common Smartphone Issues and Easy Solutions

5 Common Smartphone Issues and Easy Solutions

October 26, 2020

Most of us are obsessed with smartphones. We carry it everywhere we go. Restaurants, travels, parties, and even recording in the bathroom. However, there are several smartphone issues, even the flashiest smartphone in the market is not perfect.

If anything happens to it, what are the things you need to do? Most smartphones today have issues, bugs, and crashes especially when your smartphone gets older. Here are the common smartphone issues and how to easily get fixed.

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Common smartphone issues and fix

1. Running Slow

If your smartphone is running slow, your not alone. Smartphones are getting slow especially when gets older and outdated. This is the most common issue of smartphones.

Slow smartphones caused by the installation of unnecessary apps that consumed your RAM and save a lot of files on your phone. To fix this issue, simply uninstalled all unnecessary files, clean your data, and clear your smartphone cache.

2. Poor Battery Life

This phone issue sadly happens to everyone. Battery draining, slow charging, or charging loss are the most common issues. We are glued to our telephone, so the common issue is battery drainage. This big problem is when the phone is discharged without being used.

To solve this issue, you can check this in Settings > battery if too much battery is drained by any apps, delete those applications if you identify any bugs. Allow battery saving mode to be activated, switch off locations, and reduced screen brightness.

smartphone issues - low battery

3. Storage Issues

Most of the storage for smartphones is loaded with images and videos. When you buy a new smartphone, you should take care of the capacity, after a couple of days, you start to feel low storage issues. Nowadays, very few smartphones have an extensible memory feature.

Use applications like a cache cleaner that allows you to clean a particular app cache. Uninstall apps or transfer apps from your computer. To free up space on your computer, transfer large video files and images to cloud storage.

4. App or Phone Crashes

This occurs when the installed apps have a bug or the phone runs out of storage. This is one of the frustrating issues with smartphones.

Clear the app data from “App manager”. Avoid using several applications simultaneously. Restart the unit, remove the battery, or restore it to factory settings to troubleshoot your handset.

5. Overheating

The excess use of smartphones creates issues with overheating. More likely, high-graphic games and apps make the temperature of your phone higher, which can affect the battery’s efficiency. Also, You may have downloaded malicious apps that are running in the background.

To avoid overheating, try not to use your smartphone while it’s charging. Don’t use high CPU usage games or apps, and give your phone a break. If your phone ever heats up without any reason, this is a manufacturer’s defect.

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