Finance 101: What is Virtual Debit Cards?

virtual debit card

You’ve probably come across the words virtual credit cards or virtual debit cards as a business owner, but you do not know exactly what is what.

A virtual debit card, what is it?

A digital version of a conventional plastic card is a virtual card. You get a series of sixteen digits, along with a CVV code that is generated randomly using algorithms, similar to a credit card number. These will not be exactly the same as the digits on your physical card, but while you wait for your physical card to be shipped, they will allow you to access funds from the same account.

virtual debit card

What’s the use of Virtual Credit Cards?

For virtual cards, each financial institution develops its own policies. Yet facilitating virtual payments for e-commerce transactions is the primary reason for providing virtual cards. It is important during the process when your card is accepted and when you obtain it. You need to be able to keep your company running smoothly, and virtual cards allow you to do so.

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How long can I use Virtual Debit Cards?

When you activate your physical card, your virtual card number will expire.

How merchants process Virtual Debit Cards online?

A virtual card looks no different than any other debit card for an online merchant. The process exactly the same.

Are they stable and safe?

With tokens being generated, which is a very safe payment process, transaction credentials on virtual cards are created randomly. Digital cards do not have hard data that can be hacked and others have predetermined caps to stop overcharging.

Does the virtual card work at retailers, at ATMs and in person?

Only for online transactions and online orders, which may or may not require manual entry, will virtual cards be used. Only once the permanent card arrives are the cards intended to be used.

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