ADT Home Security Product Review | Features, Plans, And Pricing

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With a 140-year track record, ADT Product is the nation’s best-known home security brand for a reason. From its reasonable great customer review, price, plans, and features. There are many benefits to choosing ADT monitoring from Protect Your Home, and they offer competitive monthly prices. The cost can be expensive for the higher-end ADT-Monitored packages, but you definitely get what you pay for. ADT’s response time averages a respectable 45 seconds, and they have multiple monitoring centers so their reliability is second to none. ADT is consistently top-rated for customer service, with the rare exception of reported difficulties in terminating long-term contracts.

Pro Tip: If you already have home security equipment or if you want to lease it, then you can purchase only the ADT monitoring service, which is $19.99 per month

ADT Home Security systems are modern and user-friendly. You can choose between connection types, such as landline or broadband, which will be the primary way your system is linked to ADT’s network of 6 monitoring centers. While any wired connection can go down with a power outage, ADT also offers CellGuard, their cellular monitoring service, for redundant protection so your home remains protected even in the extreme event of a power outage.

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Protect Your Home requires professional installation, but that charge is covered in the initial fee, and installation can be completed same-day in most areas. You will need to speak to a Protect Your Home sales representative to get the final cost of the equipment due to the many variables involved in pricing.

To check out our full review of ADT-Monitored security systems, dive into the article below. You’ll learn about the range of options that are available with Protect Your Home’s various plans to find out whether their system offers what you need to keep your home safe and secure.

adt home security

ADT Home Security, The Good And Bad

ADT Pros

  • Best monitoring with six redundant centers
  • Fast incident response
  • Competitive monthly rate
  • Easy, same-day professional install
  • 140+ years in business
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Cellular and hardwired connection redundancy
  • App-based video monitoring supported
  • Excellent home automation integrations

ADT Cons

  • Long-term contract
  • No DIY option (professional install only)

adt home security

ADT Home Security Features

Features and functionality vary by package but can include:

  • Mobile alerts
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Wireless equipment
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Home automation
  • Remote access & control from a phone app
  • Hardwired & cellular security
  • Medical products

The ADT incident response time is incredibly fast, with a 45-second average response time.

What do We love About ADT?

Customer Service

ADT’s customer service scores are consistently best-in-class with a helpful and accessible 24/7 customer support team.

The only negative customer service issue that comes up frequently with ADT is difficulty with the cancellation process for long-term contracts. However, if you intend to stay with ADT throughout the entire time you own your home, this shouldn’t be much of a concern.

Ease of Use & install

The ADT-Monitor system is easy to use and understand. ADT Pulse is ADT’s home automation system, which you will get if you purchase a package that offers the automation option. This allows you to remotely arm and disarm your home’s security system, display video monitoring, control temperature, and lights, receive alerts and custom notifications, as well as lock and unlock doors.

Equipment & Style

If you like clean, white, streamlined equipment, then you’re going to love the look. Every piece of equipment from the surveillance cameras to the displays has a very modern and futuristic appearance. The equipment is relatively small and can easily blend into every home.

ADT Plan and Pricing

Traditional Package$27.99 per month$99 up-front
Remote Package$53.99 per month$99 up-front
Video Lite Package$59.99 per month$398 up-front
Control Package$59.99 per month$498 up-front
Video + Home Automation Package$59.99 per month$598 up-front

ADT is the best-known brand in home security for a reason. If you simply want the best home security system for a fair price, this is the choice for you. Excellent professional installation to protect your valuable properties and guarantees money-back provide by the company.

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