Benefits of Upgrading to a Brinks Home Security System

Benefits of Upgrading to a Brinks Home Security System February 29, 2024

Brinks Home Security is one of the most trusted names in home security, with a long history of protecting homes across the United States. If you already have a basic Brinks home security system, you may be considering upgrading to take advantage of the latest technology and expanded capabilities. There ...

Brinks Home Security is one of the most trusted names in home security, with a long history of protecting homes across the United States. If you already have a basic Brinks home security system, you may be considering upgrading to take advantage of the latest technology and expanded capabilities. There are several key benefits to upgrading your Brinks system:

– You’ll gain access to enhanced monitoring capabilities and video surveillance. Newer Brinks systems can continuously monitor your home and property in greater detail with high-definition cameras and image sensors.

– Your system will be integrated with smart home devices and home automation. You’ll be able to control security features, lights, thermostats and more from a single platform.

– Mobile access becomes much simpler with upgraded capabilities. You can monitor your system status, view live video and control features all from a smartphone app.

– Upgraded systems include proactive monitoring and regular system testing to ensure everything is working properly at all times. You can have greater confidence in your system’s reliability.

– More advanced sensors, from motion and entry sensors to glass break detectors and flood sensors, provide comprehensive monitoring coverage of your home.

Enhanced Home Monitoring

Upgrading your home security system opens the door to enhanced monitoring capabilities that help keep your home better protected. Older systems often have limited detection range and fewer monitoring points throughout the home. But new Brinks systems feature a greater number and variety of sensors that provide comprehensive coverage of your property.

For example, you can add glass break sensors to detect the sound of an intruder breaking in through a window. Motion sensors can now be placed in multiple rooms to catch unwanted entry. You also gain monitoring of your garage doors, medicine cabinets, gun safes, and other areas that previously may have been unprotected. With an upgraded Brinks system, you can even detect water leaks, smoke, dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, and other environmental hazards.

The breadth of monitoring expands greatly when upgrading. Where an old system may have only covered entry doors and windows, a new Brinks system leaves few areas unmonitored. You gain peace of mind knowing that zones like your backyard patio, wine cellar, and attic are now secured. With enhanced monitoring capabilities, your upgraded security system acts as a vigilant sentry guarding over your entire home.

Better Video Surveillance  

Upgraded Brinks home security systems feature high-definition cameras with much higher video resolution than older systems. This allows the cameras to capture clearer footage with more detail, making it easier to identify people and events. 

Modern Brinks systems also have advanced video analytics that can detect motion and send alerts when activity occurs. The camera algorithms can distinguish between general motion like a tree branch moving and more suspicious motion like someone entering your property. This helps cut down on false alarms.

Some upgraded systems have 4K resolution for ultra HD video. 4K cameras have about 4 times the resolution of 1080p high-def cameras. This provides even more clarity and makes it possible to zoom in on footage while maintaining image quality.

Video analytics in new Brinks systems can also determine the size and shape of objects, track moving objects, and identify left behind objects. This allows the cameras to recognize people and vehicles, follow their movements, and alert you about unnatural activity. 

Overall, upgraded Brinks security systems have vastly improved video surveillance capabilities. The higher resolution provides more detail, and smart video analytics offer extended monitoring of your home. This gives you much greater awareness of any activity on your property.

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Expanded Smart Home Integration

Upgrading to a new Brinks Home Security system opens up advanced integration options with today’s most popular smart home platforms. Newer Brinks systems work seamlessly with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, and more. This allows you to control your Brinks system and smart home devices using a single voice assistant or app.

For example, with full integration, you can arm and disarm your Brinks system, lock doors, turn lights on/off, adjust thermostats, view security cameras, and more – all through a single voice command or tap in your smart home app. Brinks’ latest home security systems make it easy and convenient to monitor and control your home automation devices from anywhere.

Some of the key benefits of smart home integration include:

– Voice control for added convenience

– Remote access when away from home  

– Automated routines like arming your system when you leave

– Notifications if you leave doors unlocked or lights on 

– Energy savings from smart thermostats

– Live video feeds from security cameras

– Multi-step scenes like “movie night” to dim lights and lower shades

Upgrading to a new Brinks system greatly expands your home automation possibilities. You’ll enjoy whole-home control and increased peace of mind knowing all your smart devices work together seamlessly. Smarter security systems from Brinks help connect your home like never before.

Improved Mobile Access 

One of the key benefits of upgrading to a new Brinks Home Security system is gaining access to the latest mobile apps that allow more control and real-time notifications. With a new system, you’ll be able to download the newest version of the Brinks Home Security app on your smartphone or tablet.

The upgraded app provides a suite of useful features that aren’t available on older systems. You’ll be able to arm and disarm your system remotely, control smart home devices like lights and thermostats, and pull up live video feeds from security cameras around your home – all from the convenience of your mobile device.

The app also allows you to set up real-time notifications to be alerted about activity at home even when you’re away. You can get alerts for things like doors opening, motion detection, alarm triggers, and more. Real-time notifications give you peace of mind and allow you to take action right away if needed.

With a new Brinks system, you can even use the mobile app as a control pad for your security system. Just tap and swipe on your smartphone screen to arm, disarm, or check system status. Going keyless with mobile app control makes interacting with your system quicker and more convenient than ever.

Upgrading to take advantage of the latest Brinks Home Security mobile app allows you to monitor and control your home on-the-go. You’ll gain new capabilities like live video streaming, smart home automation, and real-time notifications – all available right from your smartphone or tablet for improved access and control.

Proactive System Testing 

One excellent benefit of upgrading to a new Brinks Home Security system is that the company will proactively test and inspect your equipment. With the latest Brinks systems, the monitoring center can remotely access sensors and cameras to confirm they are in working order. This allows Brinks technicians to identify any potential problems or faulty equipment before you even notice any issues.

The remote access capabilities allow Brinks support staff to periodically check that all sensors are communicating properly with the central station. They can verify that motion sensors are triggering when they should and that all cameras have a clear line of sight. The system can even perform automated self-tests, like testing siren and backup battery functionality.

If any inspection uncovers a sensor malfunction, connectivity problem, or equipment defect, Brinks can proactively send a technician to repair or replace the faulty component. They can resolve problems before they result in any lapse in security monitoring. This preventative maintenance helps ensure your home remains fully protected at all times.

Upgrading to the latest Brinks system gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your security equipment is proactively monitored and maintained for maximum reliability. You don’t have to worry about technical problems or faulty sensors going undetected until an actual break-in attempt. That proactive system testing and inspection provides an invaluable benefit for your home’s protection.

Expanded Sensor Capabilities

Upgrading to a new Brinks home security system opens up options for additional sensors that can detect specific threats in and around the home. More advanced systems support a wider range of sensor capabilities that go beyond basic door and window contact sensors.

Some key expanded sensor options include:

Glass break sensors – These sensors can detect the frequency sound waves produced by breaking glass windows or doors. Installing them near windows or glass entry doors provides an extra layer of protection. If glass is broken, the alarm will sound immediately.

Flood sensors – These detect water leaks and flooding. They can be placed near water heaters, washing machines, sinks, and other plumbing to alert you to water leaks before major damage occurs. Flood sensors trigger the alarm and can also automatically shut off water valves if configured.

Freeze sensors – Extreme cold temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and burst. Freeze sensors monitor for unusually cold conditions and can send alerts so you’re notified of potential freezing issues. This prevents extensive water damage from occurring.

Smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide sensors – Upgraded systems allow connecting additional detectors for these dangerous conditions. These sensors provide an added safeguard for fires or carbon monoxide buildup when you’re away from home.

The range of available sensors varies by the Brinks system. Higher-end systems support more sensor types and zones. This provides ultimate flexibility to customize monitoring based on your home’s unique needs and risk areas. The professional installation will ensure all sensors are optimally placed and integrated with the system.

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Professional Installation 

Upgrading to the latest Brinks Home Security system ensures your system is professionally installed and set up for optimal performance. Brinks sends its own trusted experts to handle the installation process end-to-end. This includes a site evaluation to determine ideal placement of sensors, cameras, control panels and other components based on the unique layout and entry points of your home. Brinks technicians will handle all aspects of the installation for a seamless experience, including mounting cameras, connecting door/window sensors, configuring control panel settings, integrating with smart home devices, and testing connectivity.

You can have peace of mind knowing the system is configured correctly for reliable monitoring, alerts and video feeds. Professional installation also includes educating you on using the system so you can get the most value. With DIY systems, there is no guarantee everything is set up properly. But with Brinks Home Security upgrades, you benefit from skilled technicians handling the install so your home security solution works right the first time.

Ongoing Technical Support

Protecting what matters most often means peace of mind – and Brinks provides that by assisting you day and night. With an upgraded system, you get 24/7 alarm monitoring from Brinks’ pioneering Professional Monitoring center. This includes ongoing maintenance checks and software updates to ensure your system is operating optimally and any potential issues are addressed preemptively.

Brinks agents are trained professionals who follow strict protocols whenever an alarm is triggered, contacting authorities if needed. Live representatives are always standing by to address customer concerns, provide usage tips, or dispatch technical support to your home. You can even enable disarming assistance, so Brinks can disarm the system for pre-approved visitors if you are unavailable.

By upgrading, you get priority access to Brinks’ technical support team. From the Home Security Dashboard, you can readily schedule maintenance appointments and software updates so your system is continuously fine-tuned. Brinks agents can walk you through using new features, adjusting preferences, and customizing notifications. With an upgraded system, Brinks aims to deliver next-level care and support around the clock.


Upgrading to a Brinks home security system provides numerous benefits that enhance safety and peace of mind. By upgrading, you gain access to the latest technology and professional services that maximize home protection.

The main benefits covered in this article include enhanced 24/7 home monitoring, high-definition video surveillance, expanded smart home integration, improved mobile access, proactive system testing, more advanced sensors, professional installation, and ongoing technical support. With these upgrades, you can better secure your home with early detection of intrusions, active deterrence of threats, and swift response by authorities when needed.

To learn more and upgrade your system, contact a Brinks home security advisor today. The latest equipment and capabilities are worth the investment for your family’s security. Brinks offers affordable solutions and packages to suit your budget and needs. Don’t wait until it’s too late – make proactive upgrades now to keep your home secure in the years ahead. With Brinks, you gain a trusted partner dedicated to your protection.

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