Brinks System Home Security Features: Is It the Best Protection?

Brinks System Home Security Features: Is It the Best Protection?

September 18, 2020

JNA security experts have countless hours testing smart home products, hundreds of homes security tested under our belts including the Brinks system. Something that catches our attention is the IQ 2.0 Control Panel from Brinks. With a few wipes of fingers, this control panel gave us more control than the traditional or standard keypad.

The Brinks IQ 2.0 control panel can be integrated with any product with Z-Wave technology like Amazon’s Alexa. Brinks system can 199 smart home devices simultaneously without any issue. You can simply manage everything using voice commands via Apple TV, Google Home, and Alexa.

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Brinks Home Security features also include live messaging using the ASAPer system. You can customize your contact if your Brinks system is being triggered.

To this day, Brinks Home Security has over 1 million customers. The company has a large selection of quality of sensors that you can integrate for home automation as an option.

Brinks are also available for professional installation or you can self install or DIY method. Plus an established monitoring center dedicated to serving more than millions of its customers. Aside from monitoring, installation, and excellent customer support, here we are going to discuss some Brinks System and Hardware FAQs, Continue reading below.

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Brinks System Features

Wireless Security System Communication
Brinks systems use Wi-Fi and cellular to connect to your base or security panel to Brinks Alarm Response Center. The communication system is more secure, responsive, and more connected.

What if my wireless network goes down?
Even your wireless network goes down, your system will continue to work because of professional monitoring in your Brinks system. The Brinks Home Security will ensure to backup your cellular and battery if you are interrupted.

Wireless Security
It’s wireless! It is more secure than landline since its impossible for an intruder to cut your connection. And it will set off an alarm when intruders disable or your system is compromised. The advantage of a wireless system is you can be placed in a more secure area or out of view to any intruders.

Alarm System off and Off
You can turn/on your device manually or using your phone or tablets via a mobile app.

Smart Home Integration
You can connect your Brinks to any smart home devices for more potential. It is easy to connect and integrate and easy to control using your mobile phones or tablets.

How about Voice Command?
The Brinks system can be integrated with devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Just say “Ok Google, Turn On the lights” or simply set security to away and guarding.

How about pets?
Some cheap alarm security system mistakenly sensor pets. In Brinks, only pets over 40lbs can be sensors.

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