Increase Traffic Without Spending Money on Ads for Small Businesses

Increase Traffic Without Spending Money on Ads for Small Businesses

October 19, 2021

Small Businesses and Content Marketing

Increase Traffic Without Spending Money? In the marketing business, there’s a saying that content is king. Take a peek at Netflix or Disney Plus to see what I mean. It’s a game about content.

The wonderful thing about creating online content is that people want it, and because they want it, they will share it on social media, link to it from their own websites and blogs, and look for it on Google. All of this increases traffic, which leads to increased revenue. So, how can you create content that people want to read and share?

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Is creating content sufficient?

Even if you develop fantastic material that has a decent possibility of being popular, it rarely succeeds on its own… You must give it a jump start. To put it another way, you’ll need to promote it to get it started.

If you go back to the previous report, you can use the “links” drop-down option next to the topics you want to learn more about. This will display all of the websites that have links to articles that are similar to the ones you’re creating.

You can contact each of those sites and ask if they would link to your article or share it with their followers on social media.

Data is important

The best thing about the internet is how much information is available. This information indicates what you should be doing. Consider this: there are currently over one billion blogs on the internet. That works out to about one blog for every seven individuals on the planet. There is already a lot of content on the web, and you can use that data to figure out what kinds of content you should develop. But how do you do it?

There are a variety of tools available to assist you with this… Some are paid, while others are free… this will help you better grasp how to conduct keyword research.

Let’s start with the free tool that helps you come up with content ideas for this example. When you get there, type in a keyword that is relevant to your space and select “search.” Let’s imagine you have a finance-related website, so you might type “credit cards” into the search field.

You’ll then see a list of articles relevant to that topic from around the web. This report will show how many Google visitors the article receives, as well as how many Facebook and Pinterest social shares it receives.

After looking through the tool’s list of suggested themes, you’ll have some ideas for what you can write that people will want to read.

This way, you’re only writing about topics that are fascinating and relevant to the people who are most likely to read your articles, share them on social media, and link to them, resulting in greater traffic and revenue.

You should strive for 10 to 15% of the people who receive your emails to take action and share your material. If you can’t persuade that many people to share your content, it’s likely because the email you sent them isn’t personalized enough. Make sure you’re not just copying and pasting anything that won’t resonate with the folks you’re reaching out to. It should be personalized and indicate that you are reaching out to them rather than sending out mass emails to everyone.

Next Step

There are a number of things you can do to Increase traffic without spending money, start with the one strategy I suggested before.

Begin by writing one article every month for the first six months and see what occurs. If you have more time, I recommend starting with one article each week and gradually increasing to several per week. But don’t go overboard… It is a “quality” game, not a “quantity” game.

Remember how the internet has over a billion blogs? Most topics, after all, have been pounded to death. So the idea isn’t to create a ton of material that makes people glance at you. You must create content that sticks out from the crowd and outperforms the competition.

That is why you should employ the above-mentioned tool. It will assist you in coming up with good topic ideas, and you can then go above and beyond by writing better, more thorough, and fresher material than your competitors.

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