Selling Security Systems like a Pro: Become an authorized Reseller

selling security systems

It is always thought to be a steady business selling security systems; therefore, sales should be steady, right? Customers’ attempts to defend themselves from the various threats to their person and company have remained constant, but as those threats become more nuanced, so do the goods and services that protect against them.

As a result, coming up with the ideal sales pitch can be difficult. Today’s salespeople must be relationship-oriented and consultative in the sales process. Strategic goods necessitate strategic selling abilities.

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Selling Security Systems Skills You Need

We came up with a list of the most important skills salespeople need to succeed in selling security systems and services.

Pay attention

When we look at key aspects of the sales cycle, there are a few key concepts that I pay special attention to as I train members of my sales team. Listening is the one tip that can be applied in the sales process and into customer service. It might seem like a no-brainer, but there’s a reason why the traditional salesperson is the smooth-talking provider of long, information-dense responses and closing lines. Salespeople are usually outgoing and good communicators by temperament. As a result, they appear to talk too much and listen too little, filling every silence with diatribes about the advantages of their goods.

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Make a list of the questions you’d like to ask

It’s not enough to just “do it” in sales. On most occasions, salespeople refuse to listen because they are so preoccupied with what they will say next! This may lead to a failure to hear crucial information such as why the customer would or would not buy during the qualification stage of a transaction.

Present open-ended inquiries.

What exactly do you mean? What is the significance of that to you? What are the company’s objectives? These questions provide an incentive for the customer to speak and for the salesperson to practice awareness.

Don’t make assumptions.

Because you’ve sold 1,000 times, don’t say you know where the conversation is heading. Listen for distinguishing characteristics, motivators, and objections. Listening and taking the time to learn will cut the sales cycle time in half and result in a satisfied client.

Product and services sell systems

Easy-to-use and maintenance products are important. People must provide support to their customers, and projects must satisfy the end user’s needs.

Integrity is beneficial.

Always maintain your dignity when dealing with others. The keys to protection are honesty and trustworthiness (and sales).

Establish a connection

Outside of the business, find common ground with your customer. Make yourself a human, not a salesperson.

Know who your customers are

Before you walk into the house, do some research on their business to get a sense of what they do. Have a strategy in mind for how your product or service will support their business.

Persuade yourself

Only if you are persuaded yourself should you sell. It would be difficult to persuade someone else to buy your product or service if you are not convinced. Your lack of confidence will come across loud and clear.

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Brinks Home Security

Brinks Home Security protects more than 1 million commercial and residential customers throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. It is one of the largest home monitoring and security companies in the United States. [read more]

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Vivint Alarm

Vivint Smart Home is known for amazing security features and payment options. They provide a wide range of smart home equipment that you can also integrate with your existing smart devices. Vivint home security is one of the smartest protection to prevent crime. [read more]


ADT Home Security systems are modern and user-friendly. You can choose between connection types, such as landline or broadband, which will be the primary way your system is linked to ADT’s network of 6 monitoring centers. [read more]