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Things to Consider When choosing your contact center solution

Things to Consider When Choosing your Contact Center Solution

Struggling to find a good Contact Center Solution? Customer service management is now widely recognized as being just as vital as the quality of products and services that brands provide. According to a study, 93 percent of customers are more likely to purchase products from companies that provide exceptional customer service. Furthermore, when given a favorable customer service experience, 74% of consumers are likely to spend more or exhibit more loyalty. Companies must have a reliable and powerful contact center solution (or call center solution) to handle all inbound and outgoing connections with their prospects or customers in order to provide excellent customer care.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

The concept behind IVR is simple: it allows callers to select from a variety of alternatives corresponding to various types of requests.

  • Press 1 to check your balance.
  • Press 2 to talk with an agent.

For ensuring 24-hour phone service, interactive voice response is essential. It categorizes call causes so that your prospects and customers are routed to the most appropriate wait queue and an agent may tailor his response. Simple requests, such as checking one’s balance or paying a bill, can be done by the consumer without the assistance of an agent, allowing the agent to focus on more challenging requests.

Real-time supervision

Real-time monitoring is a necessary component for overseeing a call center’s overall operation. Your supervisors can see all of the crucial indicators at a glance thanks to customizable dashboards that are available in real-time, allowing them to make quick decisions: agents online, clients waiting, agents available or on a break, and so on. Other methods of supervision, such as quiet listening, whispering, conferencing, and internal conversation, enable agents to improve their efficiency and performance.


Among the many critical performance metrics that speak to the quality of your customer service are the average response time, average handling time, FCR (first contact resolution rate), CRR (customer retention rate), and average pickup rate. Rich reports are a crucial tool for overseeing client satisfaction and should be an important component to consider when picking your call center solution in order to optimize your KPIs.

Automated Call Distribution System

Inbound calls are sent to the most qualified agent available using intelligent skill routing. The call is directed to the agent who is most capable of providing a clear and speedy answer, whether it is based on the language spoken, expertise, or a specific product. As a result, the Automated Call Distribution or ACD significantly reduces incoming call wait times, improving both customer happiness and productivity.

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Things to Consider When choosing your contact center solution

Omnichannel Strategy

Customer service digitalization, which accelerated dramatically in 2020, now necessitates understanding new customer service channels. Customers still prefer to communicate with brands via phone and email, but they now use SMS, web forms, chat, instant messaging, and social media to do so. As a result, your contact center solution must be omnichannel, with all customer service channels centralized in a single interface. Your agents will have a 360-degree perspective of the customer’s history and interactions, and they will be able to integrate communication across all channels.

Integration with CRM

Your call center solution must readily link with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or industry tools in order to swiftly identify customers and provide them with customized responses (ticketing systems, helpdesk, payment system). One of the many choices available with a CRM and contact center solution integration for ensuring the quality of your customer care is fast identifying consumers in your Interactive Voice Response or enriching your customer data.

Pop-up files that appear automatically

Pop-up files allow your teams to get all of the information they need about a customer before they ever pick up the phone. This functionality is enabled by the call center solution’s interface with a CRM, and it allows for the customization of each customer discussion as well as an agent’s responses. It can keep track of a customer’s account, present their history, and review previous interactions in order to provide personalized service.

Dialer for outbound calls

The outbound call dialer allows you to make calls automatically from a list of phone numbers—from a CRM or straight from the call center solution. There are three dialing modes available: preview, progressive, and predictive. It allows you to customize your call strategy to maximize the reachability rates of your contacts, which is useful for teleprospecting, web lead callbacks, order follow-ups, bill reminders, meeting reminders, and satisfaction surveys. A reliable automated dialer is essential for enhancing agent productivity and ensuring campaign success.

Recorded Calls

You can record phone calls between your teams and customers or prospects and listen to them afterward. This is an essential component of agent training. Listening to their calls allows them to identify points of progress, potential roadblocks, and causes for client discontent when seeking to provide exceptional service. Recorded phone calls can potentially be used for legal purposes in the event of a consumer dispute.

Do you need a Dialer System for your Business?

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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of BPO

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

For every call center, BPO isn’t the ideal option. In some circumstances, it can be beneficial, but there are always trade-offs. Here are some things to think about:

Disdvantages of BPO

You may require additional training

While hiring a BPO call center service relieves you of a lot of labor, your workload will rise in other areas. One of them is training, which can be a significant disadvantage.

A BPO call center will handle all of your calls for you, but that means they’ll have to learn all about your support services and customer service strategy. They may even require business-specific training in order to better serve your consumers.

Providing and managing the workload of training materials can be a substantial expense and something to think about.

There may be security concerns

Security breaches are a major concern in today’s business world, and the BPO industry is no different.

Because call centers frequently retain sensitive information, they are prime targets for criminals. You still have security risks with an in-house call center, but you have more control over preventing and responding to breaches.

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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of BPO

Advantages of BPO

It helps in cost-cutting

Outsourcing your call center might save you a lot of money. You won’t have to bother about finding a location, setting up utilities, learning how to use IVR (interactive voice response), or hiring and onboarding new staff.

While employing a BPO call center requires some effort, it requires far less effort and time than establishing a new call center from the ground up.

It enables you to provide assistance 24/7

A BPO service provider can give you with a 24-hour round-the-clock support team that can assist your customers at any time of day.

Most BPO companies have locations in multiple time zones all around the world. As a result, your consumers can call customer service at any time, no matter where they are.

It aids in the reduction of staffing requirements

While people are the lifeblood of any company, finding, hiring, and training people is a time-consuming and costly process. By handling any and all personnel concerns, outsourcing your call center solves this problem for your company.

It can be a more cost-effective solution for your call center

Agents in call centers deal with a wide spectrum of calls, from nice to dreadful. You’ve probably heard a few terrifying tales.

Training your personnel for call scenarios takes time and money. BPO companies ensure that its employees are well-trained and prepared to handle any type of customer call.

BPO call center agents can also manage calls with greater comfort and speed due to their experience. As a result, your consumers will wait less and have a better overall experience.

BPO call center agents are also getting improved tools thanks to technological advancements. Voice Intelligence (VI) driven by AI assists agents with client issues while they are chatting with customers, easily distinguishing between the two voices.

Have you made the decision to open a BPO call center?

All of this information should have helped you determine whether or not to invest in a BPO call center. You’re not alone if you’ve decided to go with one. According to a recent research, the BPO services market in the banking, financial services, and insurance sector produce $85.12 billion in 2020. And that’s only one facet of the business.

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Investing in a BPO is a sound business option for any company. Remember to consider the advantages and disadvantages, determine your specific requirements, and select the finest service provider for you.

Also, treat your business connection with your BPO call center as if it were a separate entity. Although it may be more natural to think of them as contractors, cultivating a close working relationship will go a long way toward building your business relationship, which will help you better serve your clients and your company.

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