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Troubleshoot Business Phone

How to Troubleshoot Business Phone Line if it’s Not Working

A business phone line not working can trigger a chain of occasions that closes in a total disaster at your call center or office. Existing clients can’t connect with customer support to get their concern settled, bringing about a large number of complaints and negative surveys and reviews, and a damaged reputation. Forthcoming clients can’t call your business support group to make requests bringing about lost deals and sales. Your business support team can’t recieve incoming calls or make an outgoing calls. At the point when you’re maintaining a business, you can’t bear to have [more]

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Why Android Phones Are More Popular than iPhone Devices?

In 2007, Apple bring the first modern touchscreen concept to the world. However, the iPhone market share drops big time when Android phones took over in 2010 and became the most popular operating system until today. Android maintains 80 percent of global market share, no wonder why it is more popular than iPhones. Let’s discuss why Android is much bigger than iOS. (Read the Importance of Smartphones in our Daily Life) Reasons Why Android phones are more popular than iOS Price Range We all know that even Apple’s most affordable phones are not pocket friendly [more]