Vivint App: Smart Mobile App that Gives You a Peace of Mind

Vivint App: Smart Mobile App that Gives You a Peace of Mind

April 9, 2023

Vivint smart home app will send you notifications straight to your mobile phone when someone tries to open your door. An App that automatically close and locked your door at night. You can talk through your doorbell camera if someone is knocking on your door or if there is food delivery to you. Vivint Smart Home App has all those features you need!

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Vivint Smart Home App Lets you control your with Ease

Vivint App will send you notifications when there is a security breach if you forgot to lock or close your door and smoke alarm. You can also set up your smart devices and lock your doors at a specific time through your app.

Vivint App Features

The Vivint Smart Home app boasts a number of features and advanced functionality:

  • Complete system control. Provides centralized control of your entire smart home system from one place, including your thermostat, locks, cameras, security system, and lights.
  • View real-time videos and recorded videos. From your app, you can also monitor your home’s camera footage whether live stream or recorded videos. You can view real-time live feeds for your indoor and outdoor cameras when you are logged into your mobile app.
  • Alerts System straight to your mobile phone. If you left a door left unlocked, a smoke alarm, or a security system breach. The app will receive system alerts to specific events,
  • Two-way talk feature. Communicate directly with the 24/7 security monitoring center. Also, you can communicate through smart devices like the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro™or your Vivint Ping Camera, with the two-way talk feature.
  • Custom routines. To personalize your system, you can also set up custom routines right inside the app. For example, you can automatically lock your doors at a specific time or disarm your security system when you unlock your front door.
  • Multiple user accounts. Everyone in the family can have access to the app with individual user accounts. You can also create permissions and set limits for specific users, which is particularly handy if you don’t want your kids to fiddle with the thermostat or change notification settings.

Most importantly, your whole family can use the Vivint App, and you can set access limits on particular users, especially for kids for a particular device. Being able to have all features listed above gives you a certain peace of mind. Having a Vivint Alarm with a smart and functional mobile app will benefit your family.

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