Vivint Smart Lock: Remote locking and unlocking and more

Vivint Smart Lock: Remote locking and unlocking and more

September 15, 2020

Have you ever forgot your keys, locked the door completely, and went back home full of groceries? I know how it feels. Keys are not always convenient but when it comes to keeping your properties and belongings secure, they work most of the time. Fortunately, technology is evolving. The Vivint smart lock exists which is more convenient and modern. If you are worrying about misplaced keys, not anymore. Let’s learn more about Vivint smart lock, continue reading below.

What is Vivint Smart Lock?

Is it really smart? Yes! The smart lock can be lock and unlock your door even you are away using Vivint smart home app or a code entered on the keypad. It will receive commands via smart device or keypad when connected to your home WI-FI. (Learn More About Vivint Home Security Package and Alarm System)

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Smart Features

Identify when and who enters your home
Assigning a specific person with unique access codes will allow knowing who and when your family is home. You can view the access log via your keypad or smart home app when and who enters your home.

Custom Notification
You can receive custom notification and alerts whether you not or you locked the door. You can set on specific events so you will always get informed.

Keyless access codes
Using access codes, it easier to coordinate schedules with guests, family members, and friends. You can set up to 30 unique codes with Vivint Smart lock. You can also delete guest access for stay home baby sitter or overnight guests when it no longer needed.

Access Remotely
You can unlock and lock your door remotely. If one of your family members or friends forgot their unique or lost keys, you can simply unlock the door using the Vivint Smart Home app.

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Vivint Smart Lock Reviews

“We love the Vivint system. We don’t live at the beach house and used to worry about the house all the time. Now we can watch every area and outdoors. We can let service people into the house remotely and lock and unlock doors. Service has been amazing too!” – Joe C.

“I enjoy the ability to monitor my house from my phone. It is a great convenience for me and my family. My daughter has lost numerous keys to our home. I no longer have to worry about the kids losing the keys to the house, I just give them their own code.” – Michelle F., Danville, MA

“We just got our smart home installed on a Thursday and that Sunday we were running errands. My dad called to see if we were home. I told him we were on our way home, then unlocked the front door for him so he could wait in the comfort of our home while he waited for us. Thank you for our system! We are definitely referring to our friends and family!” – Lisa H., Portland, OR

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