Why Vivint is Considered the Best Home Security System

Why Vivint is Considered the Best Home Security System January 30, 2024

Vivint is one of the leading providers of professionally installed home security systems in the United States and Canada. Since the company's founding in 1999, Vivint has aimed to provide comprehensive smart home security solutions with top-of-the-line equipment and technology. Many consumers, reviewers, and industry experts consider Vivint to be ...

Vivint is one of the leading providers of professionally installed home security systems in the United States and Canada. Since the company’s founding in 1999, Vivint has aimed to provide comprehensive smart home security solutions with top-of-the-line equipment and technology.

Many consumers, reviewers, and industry experts consider Vivint to be the best home security system available today for several key reasons:

Wide Range of Equipment

Vivint offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of home security equipment available from any provider. Their equipment lineup includes a variety of indoor and outdoor security cameras, video doorbells, control panels, smart locks, glass break sensors, motion sensors, flood sensors, carbon monoxide detectors and more.

Vivint’s security camera options include both wired and wireless cameras with features like night vision, wide angle lenses, and HD video. Cameras can be placed both indoors to monitor high-traffic areas of your home and outdoors to cover your property perimeter and entryways. Vivint offers specialty cameras like doorbell cameras and cameras with advanced tech like 4G LTE for increased reliability.

For smart access control, Vivint provides options like smart locks and garage door controllers. Vivint sensors monitor for environmental threats like broken glass, fire, flood and carbon monoxide. Vivint control panels act as central hubs to connect all devices and provide touchscreen access.

In all, Vivint’s equipment lineup is one of the most versatile among home security providers, with comprehensive options to customize a system to your unique home layout and security needs. From simple starter kits focused on securing entryways to elaborate whole-home systems with cameras inside and out plus environmental monitoring, Vivint has equipment to suit homes large and small.

Professional Installation

Vivint sets itself apart from DIY systems by providing professional installation of all its equipment. Vivint’s technicians are extensively trained to properly customize and set up equipment in each home based on the needs of the residents.

The installers will walk through the home to evaluate the best positioning of each sensor, camera, and other devices based on the home’s layout. They use their technical expertise to determine optimal placements that will provide comprehensive monitoring without any gaps in coverage.

The installation technicians are skilled at neatly running and hiding wires to maintain an aesthetic look to the home. The cameras and sensors will be subtly placed for maximum security while not feeling overly intrusive.

Vivint’s installers also take the time to demonstrate the equipment and assist customers in setting up the mobile app. Rather than leave them with an intimidating DIY project, Vivint’s experts get the system up and running properly. They test that everything is functioning as intended before completing the install.

Having professionally installed equipment provides peace of mind that the system was set up correctly by experts. Vivint’s thoughtful customization during installation helps ensure maximum home security protection based on each customer’s unique needs.

 Smart Home Integration

Vivint stands out for its seamless integration with popular smart home platforms and devices. Their security systems work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Philips Hue lights, Nest thermostats, August smart locks, and more. This allows you to control your entire home from one Vivint app on your smartphone or tablet.

For example, with Vivint and Alexa integration, you can use voice commands to arm your security system, lock doors, adjust smart thermostats, turn lights on/off, view doorbell cameras, and more. Vivint makes it easy to connect third party devices to their platform during initial setup and installation. Their techs will get everything connected and give you a tutorial on using voice commands, the app features, automation rules, and more.

Some key smart home features that Vivint offers include:

  • Voice control through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Smart locks by August, Yale, Kwikset that can lock/unlock by app or voice command
  •  Video doorbells that stream live video to the Vivint app
  • Smart thermostats by Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell that can be controlled remotely
  • Integration with Philips Hue, Lutron, and GE light switches and bulbs
  • Garage door control through myQ and other platforms
  • Automatic scheduling and scenes like “bedtime” that turn off lights and set thermostats

Vivint makes it simple and convenient to manage your home security and other connected devices from a single platform. Their integration capabilities are competitive with other top security providers. If you’re looking for a seamless smart home experience, Vivint delivers.

Mobile App Controls

Vivint’s mobile app provides convenient ways to control your home security system right from your smartphone or tablet. The app’s intuitive interface makes it simple to arm and disarm your system, view live footage from security cameras, lock and unlock doors, turn lights on and off, and control the thermostat. You can also receive notifications about system events, view sensor history, and much more.

Some key features of Vivint’s mobile app include:

  • Arm/disarm security system with one tap
  • Live views from indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Remote door lock/unlock for smart locks
  • Lights and thermostat controls
  • Custom modes to arm only specific areas
  • Real-time alerts for security events
  • Sensor history and status checks
  • Camera video recording and image capture

The mobile app allows users to monitor and control their home security system from anywhere. Whether you’re at work, on vacation, or simply out running errands, Vivint’s app keeps your home safe and connected. The convenience of managing your system right from your phone is one of the standout benefits of choosing Vivint for your smart home security needs.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Vivint employs their own highly trained professional monitoring service staff that watch over Vivint user security systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When your Vivint system detects an intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide leak, or other emergency, it sends a signal to Vivint’s UL-listed monitoring center. Vivint monitoring agents can see live video feeds from cameras installed on properties to visually confirm emergencies before dispatching help.

The monitoring center has redundant systems in place to ensure there are no communication disruptions between Vivint systems and the monitoring center. Sensors and cellular communication equipment have battery backups in case of power failures. Agents undergo thorough training and are extensively monitored for quality assurance.

In the event of a true emergency, Vivint monitoring agents will first attempt to contact the premises and resolve issues directly with users if possible. If they cannot reach users or resolve issues, they swiftly contact emergency services like the fire department or police on the user’s behalf. Vivint’s fast emergency response times are a key benefit compared to DIY security systems without professional monitoring. Knowing Vivint agents are watching around the clock provides peace of mind.

Fast Emergency Response Times

Vivint prioritizes fast emergency response times, which can make all the difference in an urgent situation. According to company data, Vivint has an average police dispatch speed of just 60 seconds after an alarm is triggered. This is significantly faster than the industry average of 3-4 minutes for security systems without professional monitoring.

Vivint achieves these rapid response times through their 24/7 monitoring center and strong relationships with local authorities. When an alarm goes off, Vivint’s security professionals use audio and video equipment to visually confirm an emergency before requesting dispatch. This eliminates false alarms and ensures police are only contacted for verified emergencies. Vivint also maintains priority status with many local police departments to expedite response times to Vivint customers.

With home security, every second counts in an emergency. Vivint’s industry-leading police dispatch speeds give customers valuable extra time and peace of mind. Knowing help will arrive rapidly if needed can make a real difference for both safety and property protection.

 Flexible Payment Options

One of the key reasons why Vivint stands out is their flexible payment options. Vivint aims to make home security accessible and affordable to all homeowners through customized payment plans.

Rather than requiring large upfront costs, Vivint offers financing options to spread out payments over time. You can choose to finance new equipment through Vivint with low monthly payments over 36-60 months. This makes the latest smart home technology affordable on almost any budget.

For monitoring services, Vivint provides multiple billing options based on your needs and preferences:

– Month-to-month contract with no long-term commitment. Cancel anytime with 30 days notice.

– 36 month monitoring agreement. Smaller monthly payments in exchange for a 3 year commitment.

– 60 month monitoring agreement. Lowest possible monthly rate in exchange for a 5 year commitment.

Vivint also accepts a range of payment methods for convenience: credit/debit card, bank account withdrawal, or through financing providers like Affirm.

With flexible financing and billing, you can get a customized Vivint system to match your budget. Vivint aims to provide options to fit your financial situation, from month-to-month to longer term agreements. Their financing can make smart home security achievable if the upfront costs are typically too high.

High Customer Satisfaction

Vivint is highly rated for customer satisfaction among home security providers. In multiple independent surveys and reviews, Vivint customers consistently give positive feedback and high satisfaction ratings.

In a 2019 Consumer Reports survey, Vivint received high marks for overall customer satisfaction, receiving a score of 81 out of 100. Users highlighted the system’s ease of use, smart home integrations, and quality of customer service as standout features.

On review sites like Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau, Vivint frequently earns 4+ star ratings, with customers praising their system’s reliability, the professionalism of installers, and Vivint’s quick response times for addressing issues. Many note feeling safer with Vivint’s 24/7 professional monitoring and peace of mind from knowing their home is secured.

Positive testimonials and reviews back up Vivint’s reputation for delivering an excellent customer experience:

“We’ve been Vivint customers for 5 years now and have been impressed with their systems and customer service the entire time.”

“The installers were very professional and knowledgeable. I’ve had no major issues and any minor problems were promptly resolved by customer support.”

“Vivint’s technology gives us great peace of mind that our home is safe, whether we’re there or away. We’ve been very happy with their services.”

With a focus on customer-centric policies and satisfaction rates that outperform competitors, Vivint has earned its reputation as an industry leader in home security services and support. Their commitment to delivering reliable, easy-to-use systems with responsive customer service makes Vivint a top choice for peace of mind.


In summary, there are several key reasons why Vivint is considered the best home security system by many consumers:

– Vivint offers a wide range of top-of-the-line equipment to meet any home security need, from indoor and outdoor cameras to smart locks and more. Their equipment is on the cutting edge of home automation technology.

– Installation of Vivint equipment is performed by professional technicians who can expertly set up and integrate the devices into any home. Customers don’t have to worry about tricky DIY installations.

Vivint systems have extensive smart home capabilities and can integrate with platforms like Amazon Alexa or Google Home for voice control. The Vivint app enables full control from anywhere.

– 24/7 professional monitoring by Vivint’s monitoring centers and fast emergency response times provide peace of mind. Customers can feel protected day and night.

– Flexible payment options like monthly installments make Vivint accessible to many households. Financing is available with low or no upfront costs.

– High customer satisfaction ratings for the quality of service and products show that Vivint consistently delights their customers with an exceptional experience.

In summary, Vivint aims to deliver the ultimate smart home experience with professional service, customize able solutions, and top-of-the-line home security products. For those reasons and more, many consumers consider it the best home security system available today.

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