Best Samsung Smartphone Features You Should Know

Best Samsung Smartphone Features You Should Know

January 28, 2022

Best Samsung Smartphone Features: Samsung’s flagship phones come with a slew of functionality, some of which are superior to stock Android. In any case, there are many features on these phones that you might not be taking advantage of. Here are a couple of our favorites.

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Best Samsung Smartphone Features

Wireless Charging

When I learn that someone has a phone that supports wireless charging but hasn’t used it, I’m still surprised—by it’s far one of the most useful features on any smartphone that supports it! Although USB-C is easier to plug in than micro USB (due to its non-directional nature), it still falls short of wireless charging in terms of convenience, particularly at night.

There’s nothing better than turning over and tossing your phone on a dock to start charging it after you’ve been staring at your phone in bed for hours. There is no cables to fumble with, just a quick and simple way to charge your cell. And, since you don’t have to deal with the alarm in the morning, it’s just as easy to silence it.

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One-Handed Mode

Smartphones nowadays are very big. Even if you choose a “smaller” model, such as the Galaxy S9, still challenging to use a single hand. One-handed mode is useful in this situation.

You can shrink the monitor to a manageable size for one-handed activity with a single gesture (a diagonal swipe from the bottom corner) or a triple-tap of the home button. This is one of my favorite best Samsung smartphone features especially for a guy who has small hands like me When you only have one hand open, this is a game-changer if you aren’t already using it. One-handed features can be found in Settings > Advanced Features > One-Handed Mode.

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Custom Vibration Patterns

Custom ringtones for individual users or circumstances have been available for a long time, but Samsung Smartphones have only recently introduced custom vibration patterns to the list. These allow you to keep the phone quiet while still being able to differentiate between a call and a text—you can also adjust the vibration options for different contacts if desired.

General vibration options can be found in Settings > Sounds and Vibrations, but contact-specific vibration settings must be configured on the contacts. Scroll down to the “View More” selection after tapping the “Edit” button. The Vibration Pattern is located at the bottom of the screen.

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