Sell Cable and Internet Service on Craigslist for Free

cable and internet service on craigslist

There are many potential platforms where you can sell cable and internet service on the internet. One of them is Craigslist, Craigslist is a website where you can post cable and internet service ads for free. Once you become a JNA authorized cable dealer, you need to offer your service online or door-to-door to gain more new customers, Posting ads on Craigslist will allow you to be seen by wider potential customers. Here’s how you can post your cable service on Craiglist for free.

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How to Sell Cable and Internet Service?

1.Type into your web browser address bar.

2. On to your left sidebar, click “create a posting”.

cable and internet service

3. Under “what type of posting is this” section, select “service offered” and hit the Continue button.

cable and internet service Craigslist

4. Under “Please choose a category”, select “computer services”.

5. Its time to fill out your Ad Posting content.
Tip: Be descriptive and clear when filling the form, focus on what you are offering. for example ” Xfinity Internet and Cable Installation” and fill out the content something like “What service you are offering, why people should choose what you are offering and etc.”

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Sell Cable and Internet Service on Craigslist for Free

6. Tick “show my phone number, phone calls OK, and txt/SMS OK”, by doing this, interested customers can contact you as soon as possible.

cable and internet service ads

7. Review your ads, make sure every information is correct, just click edit to fix any errors, and click Continue.

8. You should receive a five-letter code to confirm to post an ad on Craigslist website. Once you have it, enter the code and click Continue.

9. You will receive an email confirmation verifying you are posting an ad.

10. Go to the email account and click the verification link from Craigslist and click “Publish” to post your cable and internet ads.

11. Congratulations, You posted your first Craigslist Ads.

Now that you have posted your cable and internet service ads, we urged you to apply them on different social media or blog posts to generate new customers. If you have any question feel free to email us.

Want to know how to become an authorized cable and internet service dealer?

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